If You Want to Feel like Robinson Crusoe…

… you need to visit Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados!

Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados

I had the biggest realisation today that if I got stuck on a deserted island I would probably die from migraines caused by lack of coffee.


Bottom Bay Beach

Have you ever dreamed of being shipwrecked on a deserted island? Where the gleaming white sand, as soft as flour, merges with crystal-clear waters…

…and where you can plonk down under the palm fronds and listen to the soothing slosh of gentle waves brushing the shore.

If yes, then Bottom Bay is your answer.

Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados

Tucked away on the South Coast of Barbados is Bottom Bay, an isolated, wide sandy beach lined with coconut palms and crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

It has a true Robinson Crusoe kind of feel to it. Very few people around (if any), no noise, only coconut palms, and jagged cliffs.

You can also expect to find insanely beautiful pink seashells that, as someone has commented on my Instagram post, look like ice-creams! I couldn’t agree more, the shells look delicious!

People who live nearby have also reported that they have spotted sea turtles and whales in the waters below the rocks.

ottom Bay Beach in Barbados

The spectacular views and the breezes make Bottom Bay an idyllic (and one of my favourite) spots to be.

How to Get There

Look for a bus from Bridgetown or from Saint Lawrence Gap to Sam Lord’s Castle. I recommend asking the bus driver to let you know the best stop to get off at (they will most likely drop you at the top of the road that leads directly to Bottom Bay).

However, remember that it’s Barbados and things sometimes get confused here, so it never hurts to ask.

If you have a car while in Barbados, it is very simple to get there and you can drive right to the cliff overlooking the beach. You should take Highway 5 past the airport, past the Crane and then look on your right for the signs as you approach. Or, you can always stop and ask locals for directions. I’m sure they will be happy to help you.

Things to Do

Well, the obvious thing to do is to lay down on the soft powdery sand, relax and soak up the nourishing sun’s rays, getting your dose of vitamin D.

One thing to remember is that the sea is rough here, therefore, swimming is not recommended.

Instead of swimming, you can try to climb up the palm tree and pick up a ripe, juicy coconut! Completely by yourself.

I personally really enjoyed walking down the beach and spotting beautiful, pink seashells. Believe me, Bottom Bay Beach has plenty of them.

Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados

You can also go near the cave and enjoy the view of the horizon.

Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados

All in all, it’s safe to say that Bottom Bay is a real life paradise.

I thought such places only existed in cartoons or heavily photoshopped National Geographic ads. How wrong was I?

Now! I have a super serious question for you!

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you fear to happen to you the most?

Also, here’s a super short video that I managed to shoot and edit (if you can even call it a proper editing… NOPE!) featuring Bottom Bay Beach.

The video is not professional (by any means), or super beautifully edited…

However, I thought it would more interesting for you to see a tiny bit of motion instead of reading a plain text.

Let me know your thoughts about the blog post, video, and whether you like this idea of me adding short videos in the upcoming blog posts. Thank you.

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