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The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

I have a small confession to make. I’ve been feeling a bit meh about my blog for sometime, or I’ve been experiencing a creativity block or writer’s block (whichever you prefer).

However, things are slowly getting better, especially since I spent a few awesome days in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

My trip to Copenhagen was spontaneous and completely unexpected but it turned out to be awesome.

One morning I woke up about an hour before my alarm was set to go off, and decided to look at some cheap flights to European destinations. And there it was, a ticket to Copenhagen lurking and waiting to be purchased. YES! But wait! There’s more! The price of the one-way ticket was only 5 Euros. So, as an adventure seeker I decided to live in the moment and just go.

(I also bought a ticket for my boyfriend, and, we just left for København…)

Overall, the city is insanely beautiful and people are really friendly. Every time we encountered Copenhageners they smiled at us and even helped us with directions, mostly with their own initiative, and Danes speak English very well!

All in all, Copenhagen is a wonderful corner of the world with many great (environmentally-friendly!) cafes, fantastic waffles, and numerous cozy spots for people watching.

As this trip was spontaneous, I hadn’t actually planned anything for us in term of “must-see” places or “must-visit” Copenhagen attractions… We improvised and it was just GREAT. No planning, no judging, just going to different places and enjoying our time together.

Here’s a full list of all the things we’ve done and YOU can do too in the lovely Danish capital:

Take a Canal Boat Tour 

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

Besides providing a stunning backdrop of the city’s historical centre (Nyhavn Harbour), floating down Copenhagen’s canals is one of the most memorable ways to discover city’s main sights and attractions such as the sculpture of “The Little Mermaid”.

“The Little Mermaid” is a small (only 1.25 metres/4 feet high) bronze sculpture based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale that tells a tragic story of a mermaid, the youngest daughter of a sea king, who wants her soul to have an eternal life (like humans have) however, mermaids live only 300 years, and then they turn into sea foam…

“The Little Mermaid” has now become Copenhagen’s symbol and the main tourist attraction. It is also one of the most photographed sculptures in the world.

We visited her whilst on a canal boat tour, and to be completely honest with you guys, it’s nothing else but a statue… It’s a great thing to see and cross off your bucket list, but that’s all there is. The crowds around the statue were insane (I couldn’t take a proper picture nor I could see the actual statue). People were climbing all over the rocks just to get a selfie with her (which is understandable), however, if you miss her it’s definitely not the end of the world.

Besides “The Little Mermaid” the boat tour also takes you around some of the most expensive apartments in Copenhagen (the starting price for a one-bedroom apartment is 4 million Euros!), Christiania (a self-governing “Free Town” established in 1971 by a group of hippies), the Main Canal which passes through the centre of Copenhagen, and some other interesting places that you won’t see simply by walking around. I think the tour lasted about an hour, but it was totally worth it. And the price for it was something around 6 Euros (or 7 Dollars; 5 GBP).

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

Climb the Round Tower… For Panoramic Views of Copenhagen

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Round Tower is a 36-meter-high structure built as an observatory in 1642. It’s the oldest functioning observatory in Europe! While climbing it was a little bit challenging at the beginning, it was a nice chance to see Copenhagen from the top of it. Highly recommend.

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

Stop for a Coffee and a Delicious Pastry at Torvehallerne

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

Torvehallerne is a food market located in the heart of the city. Here, you will find over 60 stands selling everything from (super delicious!) coffee, pastries, chocolate, liquors, ice-cream to fresh fish and meat dishes. My favourite place is Laura’s Bakery. The cakes and pastries here are AMAZING. I got this huge chocolate croissant and coffee and it was great! If you happen to be in Copenhagen, definitely visit this place, it’s a perfect spot for late breakfast / brunch.

Channel Your Inner Hippie in Christiania

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

Christiania is a self-governing, “Free Town” established in 1971 by a group of hippies when they took control of an abandonment military barracks. It’s a city within the city, with its own laws and rules such as no guns, no fireworks, no running (it causes panic), no hard drugs, etc.

Christiania is completely independent of the Danish government, therefore, it has its own postal service, a primary school, even an emergency clinic. One more thing about Christiania is that weed is being sold here freely… Sort of.

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

OK so, before visiting Christiania my boyfriend and I thought that it was a friendly hippie community where everyone shares unlimited happiness, creativity and passion for the arts (You know, the usual biased attitude towards hippies)…

However, it has turned out to be a bit different… In the main street (Pusher Street) people were selling Cannabis in small huts covered with netting and wearing balaclavas (they looked nothing like hippies but rather drug dealers). (It was not allowed to take photos on the main street as the use of Cannabis is still illegal in Denmark). I know, it’s a bit confusing. Long story short, while Christiania claims to be an independent “Free Town” the Danish police still raids it twice a year and tries to catch people who are selling drugs.

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

You might ask why the Danish government hasn’t “closed” the Christiania yet if it’s so known for a drug culture. Well, I assume Christiania attracts lots of tourists (It’s a “Free Town” after all), including drug users whose money support the Danish economy, even if indirectly. All in all, it’s an interesting, underground place to go.

Go People Watching in the Longest Shopping Street in Europe – Strøget

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

Strøget is one of the longest shopping streets in Europe (the walking street is 1111m long!). Here you will find lots of restaurants,  boutiques, and cafes. Some of them have really interesting design and architecture which I really enjoyed.

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

Explore Town Hall Square

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

Interesting fact about the Town Hall:

It is home to Jens Olsen’s World Clock. The clock features solar and lunar eclipses, the positions of the stars and a perpetual calendar as well as telling the time. What an interesting mechanism!

What I also really enjoyed about the Town Hall Square is that it has lots of different sculptures and statues which seemed inspired by dragons and other mystical creatures. Felt like I was in a different world!

So, that’s how our trip to Denmark’s capital – Copenhagen looked like. Copenhagen is a modern European city which still has that Medieval vibe, and I can’t wait to be back there in the future.

What’s your favourite city in Europe? 

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  • Wow, such a great post. The way you described everything was like having a live tour around Copenhagen. Great work! Christiania looks really interesting…

  • This is so great – I really need to be a little more spontaneous! I was just looking at Eurostar tickets to Paris for tomorrow but they are so pricey. I might have to just book a flight somewhere! Great pics too, looking forward to seeing your new posts xx

  • Aaaah I love Copenhagen!!! So cool that you could go there, with such cheap tickets Wow!! I love this post, it’s totally true. I’ve been in Christiania as well, it’s really interesting haha. Hope you’re doing well my friend! if you have time, check my latest posts about Copenhagen on the blog>

    xxx Ilse