Lost in Hobbiton? Explore the Lake District

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.
Discover the Lake District!

The Lake District, England

There’s this hauntingly beautiful place in North West England called the Lake District. While unarguably most famous for the picture-perfect lakes, lush rolling hills and gleaming waters (from which it took its name), the Lake District also boasts a whole host of myths, ancient legends and spooky goings on.

The Lake District, England

From the stone circle at Castlerigg (even today the purpose of these stones remains a mystery) to Bownessie (the unidentified, mysterious creature allegedly spotted in the Lake Windermere) the Lake District National Park remains a true English mystery, and a place worth visiting.

Especially, if you love some spine-tingling ghost stories, rainy weather, Cumberland sausage, fluffy sheep and breathtaking scenery.

The Lake District, EnglandThe Lake District, England

If you’re still not entirely hooked on visiting this beautiful corner of the world, maybe my top things to see and do in the Lake District might help. Here we go!

Get Wet in the Rain

The Lake District is the wettest place in England (with more rainfall than even Scotland), so be prepared to get wet (and muddy) in the rain, because you will!

The Lake District, England

For me, the Lake District becomes somehow more mysterious and supernatural when the rain comes down. The valleys and fells are shrouded in grey mist, the waterfalls surge with extraordinary energy, and the rain when it hits the lake sounds like a distant round of applause. A true Hobbiton.

The Lake District, EnglandThe Lake District, England

Look for Fluffy Sheep in the Valley of Borrowdale

In the Lake District, there are a lot of fluffy and brightly coloured sheep appearing (sometimes even in the most unexpected places such as driveways and Bed & Breakfast gardens), so feel free to look for them and hug them (I tried, but I failed). After all, they are so cute and soft!

The Lake District, EnglandThe Lake District, EnglandThe Lake District, England

Drive through the Honister Pass

The Honister Pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1,167 feet (356 m) above the sea level, located in the Lake District. It is one of the highest (and scariest!) passes in England!

The Lake District, England

According to some old historical journals, a man named George Smith described Honister Pass in the Gentlemen’s Magazine as “terrifying… dreadful solitude… desolate and waste, like the ruins of a world…”

The Lake District, England

Needless to say, driving through one of Cumbria’s high passes is a unique experience. The twisting roads, coupled with the unforgettable scenery, make this one of the best ways to explore the Lake District.

The Lake District, England

Follow Your Sweet-Tooth to the “Chesters by the River.”

Stop here for afternoon latte and cake during your drive (or walk) through the Lakes. Here, the coffee is great, and the cakes are to die for! (Try lemon meringue!)

The Lake District, EnglandThe Lake District, EnglandThe Lake District, EnglandThe Lake District, England

The location of this cafe is rather idyllic – right beside the river. A real gem in the heart of the Lakes!

Discover New Walking Routes

The Lake District offers perfect opportunities for stunning hikes and walks, from the mountainous Scafell Pike (which also happens to be England’s highest mountain) to a more leisurely stroll around Grizedale Forrest.

The Lake District, EnglandThe Lake District, England

Meet the Swans or Bownessie Monster at Lake Windermere

Windermere, at almost 11 miles long, one mile wide and 220 feet deep, is the largest natural lake in England and is fed by numerous rivers.

The Lake District, England

Feel free to walk around the lake, feed the swans and have a mouthwatering ice-cream!

The Lake District, England

Or, if you are an adventure seeker, try to spot Bownessie monster (cousin of the other legendary monster of Loch Ness) who is said to have been spotted at the southern end of the lake.

The Lake District, England

Explore Cobblestone Streets of Ambleside

Rooted in the medieval woollen trade, Ambleside is predominantly a Victorian town, built of dark grey slate.

The Lake District, England

While it’s a charming, little town and an excellent centre from which you can visit some of the points of interest in the Lake District, it is also surrounded by spooky legends and ghost stories.

For example, two visitors (their experiences separated by 13 years) have reported a strange feeling and mild poltergeist activity around the toilets near the Clock Tower in Ambleside. A bit creepy, isn’t it?

All in all, the Lake District is a real-life wonderland.

Have you ever visited the Lake District?

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