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Discovering Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Barbados

Barbados has been full of many first-time experiences for me. First time snorkelling with sea turtles, first time tasting the rum, first time submarine diving, and so much more. While I really enjoyed all of those incredibly fun activities, there …

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What It’s Really Like to Live on a Tropical Island

So, what do you do all day? Sit on the beach with your laptop, and sip on the cute little umbrella drinks? Well, I wish I was… But here’s the thing, sometimes living on a tropical island is not so …

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5 Must-Visit Barbados Restaurants for Foodies

When it comes to seeking out great food, most people think of major cities such as London, New York, or Paris. But little do they know that a tiny island of the Caribbean – Barbados can offer an equally exciting …

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A History Lesson and a Taste of Rum at St. Nicholas Abbey

Step back in time to the glory days of the 17th century and discover the hidden history and intrigue of the charming St. Nicholas Abbey, one of the oldest working sugar plantations on the island of Barbados. Your ticket to …

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If You Want to Feel like Robinson Crusoe…

… you need to visit Bottom Bay Beach in Barbados! I had the biggest realisation today that if I got stuck on a deserted island I would probably die from migraines caused by lack of coffee. Anyway. Bottom Bay Beach …

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First Impressions of Barbados

When Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl came out in 2003, I was much younger. In fact, I didn’t even go to middle school at that time. However, I remember appreciating the opening concept of the …

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Lost in Hobbiton? Explore the Lake District

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit. Discover the Lake District! There’s this hauntingly beautiful place in North West England called the Lake District. While unarguably most famous for the picture-perfect lakes, lush rolling hills and gleaming waters …

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A to Z Travel Guide to Kos Island, Greece

Say the word Greece and it conjures up images of feta cheese, plump and juicy olives, ancient sites, white-washed homes and blue-domed churches of Santorini, and perhaps a bit over-ripped Greek gods. But there’s much more to this country (and …

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The Many Sides of Copenhagen, Denmark

I have a small confession to make. I’ve been feeling a bit meh about my blog for sometime, or I’ve been experiencing a creativity block or writer’s block (whichever you prefer). However, things are slowly getting better, especially since I …

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50 Quotes That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

Happy, yet another, Saturday. Today, while lazily enjoying my morning cup of coffee, I decided to put a list of my favourite travel quotes (paired with images from my adventures) and share them with you. Let’s fan the flames of wanderlust …

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